For each collection Baubeau -Paris works in close collaboration with a Parisian worship for the study,prototyping and development of its new templates. Each step is validated by the stylist in the real tradition of leather upholstery.

The leather tanning, an important step in the achievement of our bags

Our leathers of high quality are coming from Italian tanneries in respect of European rules that got the LWG GOLD certification , member of leading verification in the leather industry.

They are smooth or embossed Smooth :

-For a very soft touch giving a nice patina along the years.

-Embossed : resist to scratch marks and water -Spots ready for an everyday use facing maker time.

The work of leather slices

After the polishing and staining it allows to enhance the outline of our models.

The wire of our production

They are known for a deep resistance to the friction to obtain handmade as well as machine seams that last despite of numerous sollicitations.

The jewellery of our bags

The metal attachments in light gold come from a well known Italian factory. This alloying combination gives to our whole jewellery bags ( loops clasps rings eyelets and shoulder buttons ) a high resistance to the use in time.

After sale guarantee and maintenance department

In addition to the guarantee In addition to the guarantee of the 2 years to each article every Baubeau paris model receives a service of maintenance and restoration after the sale in our workshop, giving to each piece a duration in time and prevent to be replaced. In case of an accident on one of our model ( spots rips and so on ) our workshop will take care of the restoration of your bag after a repairing quote.

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